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Video leaked before rape! Only God punish Them…

It is very shameful for us. This video was last December uploaded in facebook and people abusing each other on their views.

I was very upset when I watched this video clip very first time. The source and location, area of this clip is not clear and was uploaded on facebook. In the clip, 10-12 young boys teasing and beating a couple for their lovemaking in open air. It is not clear who are they and what happened to them after this incident. There is no news about this incident on national tv. This video clip was captured by one of the boys who in the end asking some money for the sake of couples life and dignity.

You can clearly hear the voice of the girl who is totally traumatized by this incident and begging for help, perhaps she knows if this will go worse it will end up in gang rape or brutal murder. In the end, there is a pheasant coming and the couple asked his help for saving them from these boys. That stranger man understands the danger and trying to solve the issue in a very calm way. Both of them begging for their life and let them go from boys but these boys keep punching the boy and trying to group the girl.

Watch this video and ask yourself if this is correct way to teach the morals.

We are not against or in support of this type of acts.  But this is not good and make people more intolerant and creates hate. We are living in a country where we proud for our diversity and different cultures and religions yet we are unite. But these incidents make air more unhealthy and less human.





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