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These 20 Animals That Look Like Celebrities

It’s got us hungry for some more animals that look like celebrities.

Celebrity lookalikes are brilliant at the best of times, but throw in a cute animal and you’re onto a real winner!

We’ve found 20 of the best for your enjoyment. #16 is an all time favourite!

The lesula monkey. Tell us that's not Adrien Brody's eyes and nose!

This dog and Peyton Manning have the same sad mouth.

John Travolta has a big head and blue eyes... like this dog!

This puppy has the same adorable smirk as Harrison Ford!

Jenna Marbles' dog is TOTALLY Snoop Dogg!

Those eyes are 100% Samuel L. Jackson!

Another one! It's those coy, puppy dog eyes...

This dog totally has Ron Perlman's jaw.

The Dalai Lama and a happy llama!

Killer (Whale) Kardashian

This frog has the grace of Madonna.

You didn't know it, but George Clinton is the caterpillar of a Saturniidae Moth.

This alpaca totally has Taylor Lautner's brow.

Proof that Donald Trump wears a caterpillar on his head, we think.

Snowball is a total Kittler.

This cat has Leo's strut!

Salvador Dali and Hamilton the Hipster Cat: seperated at birth?

Turns out there's a reason he's called Snoop Dogg.

This pup is a ringer for Putin!

Richard Branson and this... dog?



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