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The story of the first viral video of the Internet

Bad guy VS PC.

Wired had fun documenting the story of “badday.mpg”, a video of 5MPEG widely broadcast via email (we had that as a sharing tool at the time) which was a success in 1997, which is probably the first viral video on the Internet.
As Joe Veix notes, remember that a video was not said to be viral because the very concept of “virality” applied to web culture was not yet commonplace. Given the slowness of most people’s Internet connections – and, frankly, given the few people online at the time, without big social sharing tools – it’s amazing that this 5 mega video had a broadcast too. large.

bad guy vs PC

Origins of the video:
Loronix developed DVR technology for security camera systems and needed sample sequences to show potential customers how it worked. So Licciardi and his boss, technology director Peter Jankowski, bought an analog video camera and began recording footage.


They filmed Licciardi at an ATM and pretended to catch him stealing from the company’s warehouse. Licciardi decided that he wanted to embody an “unhappy employee”, which gave his boss an idea. “It was rather ad hoc,” says Jankowski. “We had HS computers and monitors and keyboards that did not work, so we put it all in a corner on a desk.”

Jankowski directed the shoot, while Licciardi was venting on a broken monitor and an empty PC case. It took two attempts. “The first time people laughed so much that we had to take a second shot,” Licciardi explains.

This 20-year-old video has spawned many fan sites and conspiracy theories, Veix adds, adding that it has left more of our modern online culture far more than just “viral video.” “.

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