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Warning !! Stop Eating Refrigerated Fruits and Products

Today I got an email with shocking information which in fact I also didn’t know about this facts before reading this email.
Source of email is unknown to me, it was in the spam folder.
After reading this email I understand how badly I am eating all those wrong and in unhealthy way plus fewer nutritious value.
Here is the quick snap of that email.
weight gain

See some of these facts you to reading first time. About potato, it was great info for those who want to gain weight.
These tips and info are for those who unintentionally doing it all wrong from starting. After reading this and knowing you doing it all wrong stop this and start a healthy lifestyle with full vitamins and benefits of these products.


So next time does not refrigerate these products and consume them. Cold temperatures did worst to some of these products and make them unhealthy. Like Banana, rippling makes it more tasty and healthy with full of potassium and zinc while refrigeration makes its ripple process slower. Same like Apples, chilled apples aren’t good for teeth and stomach. chilled apples are less tasty and juice with a hard outer shell.

I hope this information can change your life.



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