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Are you Starting a Startup? Avoid these 10 Mistakes in Terms of Social Media Marketing

avoid this Startup mistakes on social media


It’s obvious the use of social media can be a very powerful marketing tool if practice properly, especially for startups. However, any disorganization on the execution part can lead to huge losses. It can lead to damaging reputation and chances of growth and expansion of your business.

Here are the 10 deadly sins of a startup and how you can avoid them. Read this Guide:

The top most mistake we did is …
Carrying out marketing without a clear plan

Many startups fail to come up with a clear social media strategic plan upon which all your social media efforts are based on. If you cannot outline the goals and set aside a budget for a social media campaign, do not do it. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you start any campaign.

· Who is your target audience?

· How do you intend to talk to them?

· Who will you assign the task of carrying out the campaign?

· What are your social media business objectives?

· How will you measure your efforts?

Discuss these questions with your marketing team and come up with a strategic plan to achieve your set goals.


The second mistake is all we did unintentionally…
Failure to observe different timing when posting

Many startups fail to identify a potential client and understand how the person behaves on the social media platform. Depending on your time zone, you should post when at the most appropriate time when your audience is most likely to click and share.

This third mistake is very important must not repeat…
Not following social media rules of etiquette

One of the worst sins you can commit as a startup is starting a campaign without understanding the basic rules. Here is an effective way to start your posts.

· Ask thought-provoking questions while tapping into trends so that there can be an increased level of engagement among your followers.

· Follow the brand or personality on Twitter because you value what they share and not for any other reason.

This fourth mistake is done due to less knowledge or lack of experiences…
Failure to gauge or measure the success of your social media campaigns

Although there is no clear metrics for measuring social media campaigns, you can use factors like the size of your followers, the size of traffic referred to your website from the social media, the number of times your brand has been mentioned on the social web.

Next mistake is Failure to observe your competitor

Understanding your competitor moves on the social media web is as important as understanding your business.

New age people frustrated if you Using social media to sell

Consumers today do not want someone to sell to them. They need someone and brand to connect with them.

Benighted Measuring success by the number of likes you get

This is the worst metric to use in term of gauging your success. Use other factors alongside the likes.

Lack of experience Failure to use your influencers properly

In case you’re using an influential person, make sure they love your brand. For example, Samsung cannot use an influential person to promote a brand like Samsung while the person is captured using iPhone.

This is unacceptable, Getting agitated at your commenters

At some point, there will always be people criticizing your brand. Trying to talk back to them and getting angry at them make the situation worse.

Last, Failure to integrate your social media marketing efforts

Failure to integrate your social media with another marketing platform can spell doom for your startup. Make sure your social media effort works with your overall marketing effort.



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