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A Ghost Girl Became Instagram-Famous Overnight. How? Read Her Sad Story..

This is the story of Louise Delage  she is an Instagram sensation. Famous for her lifestyle and travel destinations.

On August 1 she appeared over Instagram with no followers. She posted her first sun-soaked images of her outfits, meals and wanderlust-inducing travels. A lifestyle which all want.  And within the time span of 60 days, this 25-year-old Parisian girl with picture-perfect lifestyle over Instagram has an impressive 19,000 followers, all with 60 days.

If you use Instagram, you’ve probably seen or even followed bloggers and Instgrammers just like Delage. Bloggers whose profiles are filled with perfectly-composed brunch shots and an enviable French girl chic wardrobe. They’re constantly busy travelling the world, partying on yachts and simply “living their best life.”

Delage’s profile is no different, but unlike these bloggers, Delage has one very distinct difference that sets her apart — She Doesn’t Exist.

Her entire Instagram feed was carefully curetted by editors and marketers for one specific (and sad) purpose. Can you spot what it is?

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