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How To Make Flowers Bouquets Stay Fresh For A Long Time

The very first question in everyone’s mind during taking fresh flowers to home:

How To Preserve Cut Flowers Freshly For a Long Time?

In this post, I am going to write about preserving online flowers delivery flowers bouquets and keep them fresh for a long time in your home. You can use my tips to save your online delivered flowers from decay.


Simple tips and tricks to keep flowers fresh longer and with all their splendor when they are already cut.

To make the cut flowers last: Dip the ends of the tails into honey before putting them in a vase.


Pierce the stems of the flowers with a needle. Add 2 spoons of salt water to the vase Or a few drops of ammonia. This will improve the longevity of your cut flowers.

However, we can extend the life of these flowers a few days putting three to four ice cubes every day in their vase.

To keep the cut flowers longer (one or two tablespoons of white vinegar in the vase) Or a spoonful of bleach.

pink-roses-keep flowers fresh



A tip to keep cut flowers longer, heat the bottom of the stems with a lighter, surprising not?


Bouquet of tulips
tulips- keep flowers fresh

To make them last a trick is to put a twenty piece yellow (old pieces of 10 & 20 cuts) in the bottom of the vase.

Straight tulips

Once in a vase, tulips tend to fall, because their flowers are too heavy for their thin stems. To remedy this, spray hairspray on the top stems: this thin layer will stabilize them and your flowers will stay upright.

Flowers care tip- keep flowers fresh

Gourmand …

Put a piece of sugar in the water, cut the stems at an angle and change 1/4 of the water every other day.

You can watch florists pro tips for retaining flowers freshness below:

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