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Most Viral Facebook Pictures you haven’t Seen!!!!

We asked google baba about “Most viral images of facebook” and result get us to this “Shoutmeloud.com” by  . He wrote and compile wonderfully all those viral and sensational pictures.

We are just sharing his finds here in our site.

1. Who Need Legs to Fly

The very first image we choose is motivationals and inspirational. Here a little blade runner trying to run as fast as he can with a caption “who need legs to fly”. Over 1 millions people liked this picture and around half a million shared it.

2. Daddy’s Girls

This picture a little girl showing a placard written “Headed to Afghanistan to get my Daddy”  standing on a highway. Full of emotions and courage. Almost 1.5 Millions people encourage this little daughter of an soldier who doing his duty on line of control.


3. Remember this Place? 

On a simple question with a old building photograph almost 1.4 million people remembered and said they having shopped here.


4. Not Forgotten! 

This image is surfaced over facebook when someone posted it. It was clicked in a bar. A beer glass with a note written

“In memory of Lt. JG Francis Toner, USN. Killed in action 27 March 2009, Balkh Province, Afghanistan. “Non Sibi Sed Patriae” Not Forgotten!

This image is dedicated to those who sacrifice their life for our safety and peace. In the memory of Martyrdom this picture were posted.

More than 2 Millions users liked this image and half a millions shared.


5. Obama’s 4 Years as President

Who think this man will be America’s most loved President meet Barack Obama. Mr. President when posted this picture with her first lady in a hug pose over 4,439,756 people enjoyed his happiness and joy and 215,510 commented him well wishes and good msgs. 

6. Like daughter Like Mom! 

When this picture posted no one know what will gonna happen, but after this 2,262,792 likes and around 54,654 people commented and prayed for her well being. 

The image showing a bald mother with her 5 year young daughter who is fighting with a rare condition called Progeria which makes her old incredibly fast.  She is Adalia Rose. 


7. A sweet lesson on Patience 

It does not take much to help others. It is just a matter of priorities. The Facebook page “It’s All about Women” shared a similar story some time back.

A taxi driver was hired by an elderly woman who was shifting to hospice. He spent his entire shift taking her to the places which were important to her one last time. In the end, he refused to take any cab fare.

The story shows that it does not take much effort to create a difference in someone’s life. The picture received 2,050,571 likes and 234,461 comments.


8. Mr. President Thanks 

When Barack Obama expressed his gratitude to the people of America on being selected as the supreme head of the state, he received 84,669 compliments and 2,093,441 likes. Surely, the people love him!


9. Beautiful Nature 🙂 

When asking for people who want to go this place in the picture almost 1,886,532 people gave it a thumbs up and 231,607 people mentioned their approvals.


10. Animals Love and Faith

This image shows how loyal animals can be when today; a human is not dear to another human. The dog in the picture is a German shepherd who has been sleeping next to the grave of his master for the past six years. This picture shared by Paw Justice received 77,780 comments and 1,480,812 likes.

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