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The “Mannequin Challenge”: the history of the new viral trend

We can not scroll on his personal page, in any social network, without seeing in a video a group of people taking the break behind their camera. This new phenomenon is the “Mannequin Challenge“, a worthy heir to the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and “Harlem Shake“.

Yet many of his trend-seekers, like Panurge sheep, do not really know where this “challenge” comes from. To know it, you’ll have to travel to Jacksonville in the United States. It is beyond this, following a friendly challenge launched by a group of comrades in the corridors of the Lycée Edward White, that this famous challenge was born. The first video of the “Mannequin Challenge” was posted on October 26th of this year. It took a little less than three weeks for the phenomenon to spread beyond US borders.

Celebrities from the ball, from the song, through groups of teenagers to even politicians were all entitled to their “Mannequin Challenge”. The trend spared no one. A few short weeks ago, Hillary Clinton, even used it to urge voters to vote and not stay static.

Generally done, accompanied by the song of the band Rae Sremmurd “Black Beatles”, the “Mannequin Challenge” has not yet taken its last break.



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