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Homemade Remedy For Pimples

Pimples are world most hatred mostly by young people/ teenagers. This problem is not new, your grandparent was also worried by this in their teenage years. This problem is mostly due to oily skins. But this problem is also seen in people with normal skin.
In teenage period this problem is normal. A pimple is a skin condition where due to excess oil, skin pore is infested by bacterias and we see boils and acnes. You can use following homemade remedies for your pimples treatments.
Pimples are not a communicable disease but young boys and girls feel embarrassment due to this. Especially those who started going college. Girls are more caring and conscience about their face and look.

Why are pimples on my Skin?
As we discussed earlier due to excessive secretion of oil which lead to blockage of skin pores and bacteria grow in this blocked pores. Sometimes this problem is more worst with pus and swelling with pain. In research, it is found that dairy products with sugar and calcium can increase this problem. Medicines with estrogens and makeup products with chemicals can also prone to make your skin more pimple prone. Always clean your makeup before sleep.

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Cure Pimples with Hot Water Steam.
Hot water steam can open up the blocked skin pores and clean the accumulated oil and dead cells, i.e. Clean the skin and make it more breathable. Do it every day for at least two weeks and you can see the change. make sure steam were not too much hot it will burn your skin. After steam wash your face with lukewarm water and apply some water based moisturizer.

With Lemon and Honey.
Lemon is a major ingredient for your beauty. Citric acid present in lemon is a very effective on all skin problems. Due to acidic in nature, it is antibacterial, fungal.
Applying lemon juice on infected area can dry out the area and cure it very fast. Due to vitamin c present in lemon. Use only fresh lemons, packed lemon juice are accompanied with chemicals which may cause more problem.
Health conscious people have honey in substitute for sugar. Honey is a miracle useful in so many ways and for so many diseases. Apply some honey on affected area and leave it for half an hour( 1/2 hours) and wash it off with lukewarm water. Do it for a month and you can feel the result. Honey make your skin soft and glowing.

With Ice Cubes.
Take out some ice cubes from a refrigerator and directly apply on a pimple. By this blood flow in the affected area will increase and it will help in curing the disease.

That’s it. There is a lot of remedies for acnes.

Best Pimple Treatment

All the above remedy is homemade and ayurvedic can cure pimples.
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