Recipe of Plum Cake of Banana Nuts and Chocolate

Plum Cake Recipe

Just arrived from the hospital, I wanted to prepare a cake for tea. In my cookbook I have banana cake and chocolate, this I have put nuts and modified. Because it does not have butter or olive oil. Take soy milk and soy butter. Ingredients 250 gr spelled flour 200 …

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The story of the first viral video of the Internet


Bad guy VS PC. Wired had fun documenting the story of “badday.mpg”, a video of 5MPEG widely broadcast via email (we had that as a sharing tool at the time) which was a success in 1997, which is probably the first viral video on the Internet. As Joe Veix notes, …

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Her photo is viral, she becomes a billionaire

Zhang Zetian

At 24, Zhang Zetian is the youngest billionaire in China. Nicknamed “Milk Tea Bubble Sister,” the young woman actively promoted the e-commerce giant JD.com. The success story is part of a picture of this young Chinese girl, posing with a milk tea. In 2009, while still a student Zhang Zetian …

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How to Get Big Butt Pro Tips


Are you worried about having a small or loose bottom? Do you want to know how to increase the buttocks without surgeries? If you want to have a bigger butt, here you will find the answers you need. Why do Brazilians have big and firm butts? The beaches of Rio …

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Do You Know Why Women’s Hips Go Bigger After Marriage


आप सभी ने देखा होगा की relationship के बाद लड़किओं का hips फुल्ने लगते हैं । यह सवाल मन में आता रहता है की शादी के बाद ही क्यों hips फुल्ने लगते हैं । तो अब हम आपकी यह दिक्कत इस article में दूर कर देते हैं । अभी भी …

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